Travel Agent Net Rates (2013/2014)

Húsavík Cape Hotel (April, May, June, September)

Single Room Ensuite 25.000 ISK 21.250 ISK
Double Room Ensuite 27.500 ISK 23.375 ISK
Triple Room Ensuite 35.200 ISK 29.920 ISK
Quadruple Room Ensuite 41.800 ISK 35.530 ISK
Extra bed in room 7.700 ISK 6.545 ISK

Húsavík Guesthouse (April, May, June, September)

Single room 11.200 ISK 9.520 ISK
Double room 16.000 ISK 13.600 ISK
Triple room 24.000 ISK 20.400 ISK
Quadruple Room 29.000 ISK 24.650 ISK
Extra bed in room 7.000 ISK 5.950 ISK

Húsavík Cape Hotel (July, August)

Single Room Ensuite 28.500 ISK 24.225 ISK
Double Room Ensuite 31.350 ISK 26.647 ISK
Triple Room Ensuite 38.500 ISK 32.725 ISK
Quadruple Room Ensuite 44.000 ISK 37.400 ISK
Extra bed in room 8.800 ISK 7.480 ISK

Húsavík Guesthouse (July, August)

Single Room 12.000 ISK 10.200 ISK
Double Room 18.000 ISK 15.300 ISK
Triple Room 25.000 ISK 21.250 ISK
Quadruple Room 30.000 ISK 25.500 ISK
Extra bed in room 8.000 ISK 6.800 ISK

Húsavík Cape Hotel (January, Feb, March, Oct, Nov, December)

Single Room Ensuite 17.000 ISK 14.450 ISK
Double Room Ensuite 20.000 ISK 17.000 ISK
Triple Room Ensuite 28.000 ISK 23.800 ISK
Quadruple Room Ensuite 32.000 ISK 27.200 ISK
Extra bed in room 5.000 ISK 4.250 ISK

Húsavík Guesthouse (January, Feb, March, Oct, Nov, December)

Single Room 9.500 ISK 8.075 ISK
Double Room 14.500 ISK 12.325 ISK
Triple Room 22.500 ISK 19.125 ISK
Quadruple Room 27.000 ISK 22.950 ISK
Extra bed in room 6.500 ISK 5.525 ISK

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"Excellent location close to the harbor. Very clean, quite and comfortable rooms and a friendly familiar atmosphere. The best stay I've had during my Iceland-Trip. This place is a good home-base to do day-trips to Myvatn, Dettifoss and other places in the north. When I ever come back to Iceland, this will be my first choice to stay!"

- Patrick, Germany
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