Húsavík Cape Hotel

Hótel HúsavíkurhöfðiHúsavík Cape Hotel (Hótel Húsavíkurhöfði) is a new 19 room hotel, located at Húsavík Cape, with great view over the town and Skjálfandi bay. The hotel is in a historic house in Húsavík, built in 1950 by the Húsavík Fishing company. A complete renovation of the house begun in 2010 and the hotel will open for guests in May 2012.

We offer spacious rooms with made beds and private bathrooms. All guests have free access to wireless Internet. Breakfast is served in the breakfast room from 07:45 til 10:15.

Address: Húsavík Cape Hotel, Höfði 24, 640 Húsavík
Booking Telephone:
+354 463 33 99

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Húsavík Cape Hotel

Address: Höfði 24, Húsavík
Booking centre: +354 463 33 99
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